Grade 3/4 PE

The grade 3/4’s are currently learning about the skills required to play HOT SHOTS TENNIS as part of their second unit in Physical Education this term.

Invasion Games Unit.

Check out this website for ideas for your game.

Term 2
The students in year’s 3/4 learnt about invasion games and had the opportunity to create their own invasion game with their class peers.

Term 3
In term 3 the students in year 3/4 learnt about net/ wall games and sports. The students began the unit playing a variety of games that included focusing on offence and defence, court positioning, special awareness, reaction time and footwork.
The students then learnt about the sport of badminton. For many, this was a new sport with very little previous exposure. The students developed their skills over a period of 5 weeks that included serving, shot selection and becoming familiar with the equipment to play the sport.

Term 4

Students in Year 3/4 were exposed to target games and sports. During this term students were able to work with their peers to create their own target game. Students also had the opportunity to develop their skills and knowlege of Lawn Bowls with Wayne from the Essendon Lawn Bowls club.

Grade 1/2 PE

This term the grade 1/2’s have been involved in a unit on catching. Four of the Essendon Football Club players informed the students on the importance of keeping your eyes on the ball when marking or catching a ball.


The grade 1/2 students viewing a short clip about water safety prior to our annual swimming carnival and building their teamwork skills in a game of Rob the Nest.

This term the grade 1/2 students are focusing on completing an athletics unit in preparation for the annual Athletics Carnival on May 31st. The students were introduced to the unit by a coach from Little Athletics Victoria who taught them the basic skills of running, jumping and throwing.

Term 2
The students in grade 1/2 had the opportunity to create a word wall in PE. They had to brainstorm words that related to physical movement, sport or Physical Education.

Term 3
The students in year’s 1/2 are all engagaed and eager to create their “Super hero goals’ for semester 2.

Throughout this term the students in year 1/2 have been learning about target games. The students have been learning about trial and error, accuracy and what it means to be successful. Students were involved in rotational activities to test a variety of challenges and then had the opportunity to work with a class member and construct their own game using a selected range of PE equipment.

Term 4

The students in Year 1/2, enjoyed participating in lessons based on a
two -handed strike followed by the skill of leaping.

Foundation PE

The students in Foundation have completed a 4 week Establishment Program that included the expectations of Physical Education classes. At Foundation level students are expected to participate, have fun and have a sense of enjoyment, achieve personal goals and play safe at all times. Students thoroughly enjoyed learning new games with and without equipment.

Some of the Foundation students celebrating their learning at the end of this term by eating a healthy cup of fruit salad.

Term 2

The students in Foundation are currently learning about the skills required to do Athletics. The students had a very special coach come in from Little Athletics Victoria who taught them the correct technique of running and jumping in preparation for the annual Athletics Carnival on May 31st.

Some of the students in Foundation level, doing a great job improving their under arm throwing.

Term 3

The students in Foundation level are beginning their PMP (Perceptial Motor Program) in Physical Education classes. They are learning to crawl, jump, balance and develop their fitness and hand and eye coordination. Lots of fun for all.

Term 4

Our Foundation students learnt how to jump for height and do a vertial jump. They also learnt the fundamentals of Hot Shots Tennis. It’s always great seeing the preps having a great time participating.