Grade 3/4 PE

Term 3
In Term 3 the students have been focusing on the fundamental movement skill of “punt” through the AFL unit.

The students have also been working on the skills of “throwing, catching and bouncing” through the basketball unit.

Developing our throwing and catching skills
Nicoli working on his bouncing skills



Grade 1/2 PE

Term 3

The Grade 1/2 students began the Term with a 4 week PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) unit.

During this unit the students focused on many skills including;

– Gross motor skills                                                         – Fine motor skills

– Establishment of a preferred hand                         – Balance

– Body and space awareness                                         – Visual and spatial skills

– Rhythm sequence, memory and listening           – Communication and behaviour

Oliver developing his hand/eye coordination
Hannah developing her balance skills
Darcey working on her jumping and balancing skills


Foundation PE

In Term 3 the Foundation students started the term with a 4 week PMP program. Next we focused on the fundamental motor skill of kicking.  The students concentrated on:        1.Eyes are focused on the ball throughout the kick                                                                                    2.Step forward with non-kicking foot placed near the ball.                                                        3.Bend knee of kicking leg during the back swing for the kick.                                                        4.Contact the ball with the side of the foot.