Grade 5/6 PE

Term 4

The students in Year’s 5/6 have been focusing on striking and fielding games and sports. Jacqui from Softball Victoria coached the students on the skills required to play the game.


The grade 5/6 students creating their short term goals in Physical Education to achieve their personal best.

The grade 5/6 students are currently involved in a unit on HOT SHOTS TENNIS. This unit is assisting the students with their up and coming GALA DAYS on March 17th and 24th of this term. We wish them all the very best of luck.

Footy Training

The students in the school football team were fortunate enough to receive special guests from the Essendon Football Club. The players assisted the students to improve their skills in the game for their up and coming interschool sport match.

Term 3
In term 3 the students in year 5/6 learnt about invasion games and sports. The students began the unit by playing a variety of invasion games and brainstorming sports that had similar skills. They then had to form groups to create an invasion game of their choice. Students were required to invent a game that required teams, scoring, offence and defence and invading an opponent’s territory. On presentation days students were given an allocated time to explain and demonstrate their game and then allow their classmates the opportunity to play. Students developed their organisational skills and work collaboratively with others.