Walk 2 School Results

Walk to School in October 2018 – well done to all the students who participated in the Walk 2 School program!!

Challenge card prizes have been drawn, the overall school results will be announced in the next few weeks.
Congratulations to all
§  17 schools involved
§  6213 children participated
§  450 challenge cards completed and received
Walk to School in October – Challenge card prizes
Congratulations to all 6213 students across the municipality for participating in the Walk to School Challenge
Aokriti Sha
Aberfeldie Primary
Henry Firman
St Marys Primary
Hamish Cutler
Moonee Ponds Primary
Seamus Buggy
St Therese’s Primary
Elina Liang
Moonee Ponds Primary
Bella Stephenson
Essendon North Primary
Alice Hayes
St Marys Primary
Asel Bayce
Strathmore Primary
Georgie Wilson
Essendon North Primary
Sreenidihi Policepatel
Essendon North Primary
Jessica Watson
Essendon North Primary
Xavier Hardy
Essendon North Primary
Charlotte Farrugia
St Monica’s Primary
Emilia Graccotta
St Marys Primary
Luca Krypuy
Avondale Primary
Oscar Brumbley
St Vincent’s De Paul Primary
Arianna Burns
Ascot Vale West Primary
Kian Dara
Essendon Primary
Leandro Monoghan
Essendon Primary
Finn Culitt
Strathmore North Primary
Henry Bentley
Flemington Primary
Michael Cogo
Our Lady’s of Nativity Primary


New Touch Screen TV


A very exciting addition has been added to the PE program at MPPS!

An amazing interactive touch screen TV was purchased through the parents association to assist me in delivering my PE lessons.

Each and every child will benefit from this amazing addition with some students already reaping the benefits.

Some examples of how I will integrate this into my PE lessons are;

  • allowing the students to watch interactive videos and demonstrations of fundamental motor skills and sports at the start of a unit
  • displaying pictures and videos I take during the lesson to gain immediate feedback
  • using it as a scoreboard during team games
  • displaying pictures and words to encourage discussion

I would like to thank the parents association for their support of the PE program and I hope all the students enjoy the use of it in the PE lessons!!

Students if you have any great ideas on how we can utilise the TV in PE lessons please leave me a comment!!

Emma’s trip to the Northern Territory

From Sunday 21st October – Friday 26th October I was given the opportunity to travel to remote communities of the Northern Territory with the Collingwood Football Club.

We visited 7 different communities were we ran 3 different programs in each school.

For the F-2 children I was in charge of running the “Maggie and Swoop” program – a story about Maggie who loves netball and Swoop a young boy who dreams of being an AFL player. They cross paths and teach eachother all about their chosen sport and become great friends. The main theme of the story is friendship and what being a friend looks like.

For the Grade 3/4 students in the schools my team mate Ash Brazill (AFLW player and Magpies Netballer) took the students through a “side by side” clinic teaching the students the skills of netball and football.

The Grade 5/6 students participated in some AFL testing including the beep test, vertical jump, 20m sprint and agility.

At the end of each session we would all come together and play some games and finish the day with handing out some giveaways (posters, netballs, footballs) and a signing session.

We also partook in some cultural activities in Tennant Creek.

It was an experience of a lifetime and the smiles and gratitude of the students will stay with me for a very long time to come.

Thanks to Fiona who took over the PE program for the week!

Badminton Clinic with Grade 3/4 and Grade 5/6

On Tuesday 16th October 3/4D, 3/4B, 5/6A & 5/6C participated in a Badminton Clinic run by Pauline from the Western Suburbs Badminton Association.

During the clinic the students were given the opportunity to learn the skills required for the game of badminton including the correct way to hold the racquet, basic footwork, how to serve, different ways to return the serve and the smash.

The students played mini games against one another and finished with a game of King/Queen of the court.