2016 Athletics Carnival

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House Athletics Report

On Wednesday the 1st of June Moonee Ponds Primary School students competed in the annual Athletics House Championships. Students were in high spirts and did a wonderful job cheering each other on. A big thank you goes out to all the wonderful parents and staff who assisted with this carnival to make it a very successful day. The final results and House Champions are as follows.

House Champions Boys

Banks: Trent Lovatt


Lawson:  Oliver Kal


Macarthur: Luca Christofides


Chisholm:  Ty Davis


House Champions Girls

Banks: Sarah O’Toole


Lawson: Felicity Tseros


Macarthur: Florence Doherty


Chisholm: Shanice Lim

Overall Cross Country Champion Girl:  SARAH O’TOOLE

Overall Cross Country Champion Boy:  OLIVER KAL



Overall 3-6 House Winners


2nd  BANKS (829 POINTS)


4th MACARTHUR (687)


Prep-2 Scores

1st – Chisolm (87 points)

2nd – Lawson (80 points)

3rd – Macarthur (75 points)

4th – Banks (62 points)